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“The Script” is the most direct and easy to understand scriptwriting book on the market today. It has garnered universal praise from industry professionals around the globe. Here’s what they are saying:   
“Anyone who’s ever wanted to write a script should not only read this book, they should memorize it.” Larry Gotterer, TV Show Producer and Award-Winning Scriptwriter   

"Darnay has it altogether in a very neat package that inspires and challenges the script writing student to develop an entertaining product." John Delia, Movie Publicist and Film Critic 

“Any writer who is serious about pursuing a Script Writing Career, owes it to himself/herself to read this breakthrough volume.” Stephanie Martino-Rizzi, Director of the Florida Film Institute   
In his signature straightforward style, scriptwriting guru Alyn Darnay has brought the essence of his highly successful Professional Scriptwriting Workshops to the written page. He makes scriptwriting so easy to understand you can pick the book up as you board a plane in New York City and finish it by the time you get off in LA, prepared to write that million-dollar script.  

Designed to enhance any scriptwriter’s ability to develop and execute a superior marketable script, the book covers everything you need to know. It teaches you such things as how to: 
• Create Multi-Dimensional Characters
• Understand The Character Arc
• Create Visually Driven Dialog
• Uncover The True Plot
• Meld All The Elements Together 
The book also expands your knowledge with unique viewpoints on:
• Driving Ideas To Your Script
• Understanding How To Use High Concept Ideas
• The Right Way To Create a Working Treatment
• Registration and Copyright  
Plus many more insightful bits of information that will help any writer strengthen their ability to write a winning script.